DJ Mantra is ON TOUR NOW

DJ Mantra is ON TOUR NOW

DJ Mantra is ON TOUR NOWDJ Mantra is ON TOUR NOW


                                                       DJ MANTRA YOGA DJ

DJ Mantra Spiritual Sound Seeker, on the path of beats and bhakti, raising vibrations at yoga classes, festivals and conscious gatherings. DJ Mantra has travel down many spiritual paths and has gathered them together within the fire of global intentions of raising the vibration and transformation through sound, dance and community.  

Mantra’s set list often includes a blend of remixed mantras, chants and world-spirit music that often flows with sacred sounds that evokes the calling of India with danceable beats tracks.  

While yoga continues to expand and evolve, DJ Mantra Ji is on the cutting edge of yoga with the creation of Music Meditations, Yoga Jams, YOGA RAVE and Groovinda a spiritual nightclub. Opening and working with many of todays Kirtan recording artist, music producer, certified Yoga Trance Dance Teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJ and streaming/digital music YogiTunes artist and MANTRA MUSIC recording artist.


“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.” ― Pablo Casals




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